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Ed Kemp UX director at Full Clarity
Ed Kemp

UX director

With over a decade of expertise in User Experience and product design, Ed oversees all our output ensuring we hit the sweet spot of meeting both user needs and business goals.

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Jon Hewines Technical director at Full Clarity
Jon Hewines

Technical director

Being a developer with a psychology degree, Jon understands people as well as code and his technical expertise means we don’t design things which can’t be built.

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Core team members

Rob Porter UX/UI Design Lead at Full Clarity

UX/UI Design Lead

A seasoned user experience and product design practitioner, Rob specialises in the highest quality UX/UI product design for mobile & web applications for innovative tech start-ups.

Terence O'Donoghue Technical lead at Full Clarity

Technical lead

A talented full stack developer with over a decade of experience, Terence is a problem solver with a proven track record in delivering end-to-end solutions across a range of technologies.

Darby Manning UX/UI developer at Full Clarity

UX/UI developer

As a senior UX/UI designer and front end frameworks developer, Darby meticulously works across the full frontend stack enabling us accurately go from UI to development.

Emily Christy Mobile app developer at Full Clarity

Mobile app developer

With background in both UX design and technology, Emily now specialises in development building cross platform native apps working for both startup clients and large corporations.

Jack Coupland Full Stack Developer at Full Clarity

Full Stack Developer

With the ability to work across all aspects of web application development, Jack is a good communicator with innovative solutions to achieve goals and resolve problems.

Rose Kelly UX designer at Full Clarity

UX designer

Rose is equally adept at user research as she is at understanding and considering user needs. By carrying out a multifaceted  UX process she is able to produce validated design decisions.

Steph Madeiros UX/UI designer at Full Clarity

UX/UI designer

Steph is a multifaceted UX/UI designer who is passionate about creating engaging and user-centric experiences. During her career, she has enjoyed collaborating with diverse teams whilst exploring new ideas and ways of working. 


Kishore Nuvvula QA Lead at Full Clarity

QA Lead

Kishore is a highly experienced ex-Google, Quality Assurance lead with core focus on mobile & web apps. He is passionate about delivering high quality user experiences through digital products.

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Remote team members

Misha  Backend API developer at Full Clarity


Backend API developer

Polina  UX/UI designer at Full Clarity


UX/UI designer

Jess  React/Vue.js developer at Full Clarity


React/Vue.js developer

Andrew Novikov Wordpress developer at Full Clarity


Wordpress developer

Roman  QA engineer at Full Clarity


QA engineer

Veronica  Digital illustrator at Full Clarity


Digital illustrator

Ivan  Motion designer at Full Clarity


Motion designer

Vlad  UX/UI designer at Full Clarity


UX/UI designer

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