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Ed founded Full Clarity with Jon Hewines in 2018, after a number of successful joint freelance projects working together on large bespoke applications.

In Jon, Ed had finally found a user-centred developer who cared as much about the end user experience as he did. So together they formed Full Clarity, blending together the relentless pursuit of optimal user experience and product design, with robust development.

Background & industry experience

Ed is a UX Lead and Product Designer with 15+ years of experience. He has a proven track record working with end clients such as Harrods and gov.uk, as well as innovative SMEs and disruptive tech startups.

He specialises in taking challenging and complex requirements, and creating rich intuitive web platforms, mobile apps, and interactive experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Ed is a designer at heart, and firmly believes in the power of design to build loyalty, delight users, and create competitive advantage. And he sees design as more than just pixels, but as a problem-solving process that can be used to solve a whole array of challenges, from improving services to inventing whole new revenue streams.

Significant career moments

Here are some of Ed’s career high points so far:

Harrods AR Experience
Designed an interactive augmented reality ‘Magic Mirror’ makeup experience
Gov.uk service design
Conducted a service design audit across usability, content design, and accessibility
£1.6m seed raise
Lead the product design for a data economy startup who secured £1.6m investment
Foodbank system
Worked on a bespoke system to service the growing network of 400+ UK Foodbanks
Product manager for the original pre-Facebook student social network in the UK

Core values and principles

A guide to running remote UX workshops

How to sucessfully prepare for and conduct an online UX workshop in the remote working world

Full Clarity recognised as top UX Designers for 2021

Full Clarity's recognition as a Top UX Design Company for the second year running

Optimising UX research workflows

Why user research is not as complicated as you may have initially thought
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Studio 4
Farnham Maltings
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I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, it’s really helped in driving up the recognition of a considered, user-centred-design led approach and the results speak for themselves – very much appreciated.

Mark Arnold, Head of Design

Studio 4
Farnham Maltings
Bridge Sq, Farnham
Surrey, GU9 7QR

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