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Project assumptions:

Costs, time and quality are all inter-linked, if there is more emphasis/pressure from the client on one or more of these elements then there will be a knock on effect on the other elements.

Our estimated costings are usually based on the requirements outlined in our original workshop meetings, the brief provided, anything outside of this will need to be discussed and estimated for separately. Our estimates are valid for 30 days if not specifically stated otherwise. Anything which is undefined or is ambiguous will also be left to the interpretation of Full Clarity Ltd. and will need to be discussed estimated for if appropriate. Anything discussed or requested after the project estimate has been sent will need to be discussed and costed for separately. Any additional requirements or alterations asked for will almost always have to be charged for at our standard hourly rate on top of our original estimate.

Full Clarity has the right to display any work we create in our website’s portfolio unless otherwise specifically states by the client.

Ongoing Technical Support / Monthly Fees / Costs:

Our working hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5:30pm, and technical support requests made within these hours are subject to our standard terms and conditions and hourly rate, however if you need additional work completing or support outside of these hours then our costs could be subject to increased rates.

If the client fails to pay any of their invoices, then Full Clarity reserve the right to turn the client’s website/application off until the appropriate payment has been received.

All work done by Full Clarity remains as the property of Full Clarity until paid for in full by the client. Once Full Clarity have been commissioned to start some work, if the client/partner agency subsequently changes their mind, we reserve the right to charge you all of part of the remaining fees as we see appropriate (as we may have already started the work, or incurred costs in time spent).

In the event of non payment or bad debt we reserve the right to turn your website/application/product off (we will provide a 7 day notice in writing before we do so).

All programming and database code, software systems, databases, technologies, designs, and other work developed by Full Clarity Ltd is copyright, and the Intellectual property of Full Clarity Limited.

By using Full Clarity products and/or services, you agree not to attempt to replicate, copy or redistribute these. Any attempt to do so will be considered an illegal act and we will seek full punishment by law. We reserve the right to re-use and re-develop any of the code we write or ideas we develop in our database and software systems, websites, applications, products and code.

Please note we do also have other work going through and other clients we are working with who also have demands and deadlines. We also recommend an appropriate amount of time is allowed for testing. If this figure is cut down or not allowed for, or squeezed out due to tight client deadlines, and the site is put live then please be aware that there will probably be bugs.

It is up to the client to source and upload/populate all the content into the website/product/application. In instances where the designer has provided sample content in the design to show how things would look but the designer has not covered all instances, it is the clients responsibility to source and/or pay for all content required to go into the site and then also their responsibility to make sure all the content required is uploaded correctly.

Where data/images is needing to be imported from an old website/product/application into the new one, Full Clarity reserve the right to cost for as appropriate.

It is up to the client to log into their control panel to purchase and manage the pointing of the domain to the new site. We can assist with this but will be chargeable at our standard hourly rate. For redirecting URLs from an existing site to a new site, if the client/partner provides list URLs of key pages from the old site and what they should map to on the new site, then we would go ahead and apply these redirects.

Full Clarity do not buy, register or own domain names or email accounts on behalf of client/partners. We recommend that the client purchases and owns their own domain name, in so doing retaining full control over the domain name, and we can also recommend 3rd party suppliers that are dedicated to email accounts and support.

For any further clarification of these terms and conditions please email us [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 1252 268 164. Further specific terms will apply and these will be agreed with each client on a case by case basis, there could also be further contractual terms added too.

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