Our ways of working

Our battle tested UX process is based on years of experience in designing and building digital products for startups, SMEs and enterprise level clients.
We deliver impact through a deep understanding of the problem, opportunities and target audience, with a laser focus on delivering outcomes.

Our process

How we work

1 Research and Define

Uncover insights to inform your strategic direction, focusing on feasibility, viability and desirability

Personas and Customer Journey Map

Capabilities include

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User research
  • UX & Accessibility audits
  • Journey mapping
  • User flows
  • Service mapping

2 Design and Validate

Design and build a prototype, iterating around stakeholder and user feedback

Capabilities include

  • Concept ideation
  • UX/UI design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Product design system
  • User testing
  • Legal and data compliance

3 Deliver and Optimise

Take your product to market, and fine-tune to ensure high levels of user engagement

Capabilities include

  • UI component library
  • Roadmap definition
  • Building capability
  • User engagement
  • Data analytics
  • Usability testing

Our competencies

What we do best

Digital transformation
Social impact
Service design
Product design systems
Building capability
Customer experience
Usability testing
User research
UX/UI Design
Value proposition

Our workflow

UX design sprints

Once the initial concepts have been validated, we tend to work in an Agile way to run a series of 10-15 day sprints to round out the UX/UI product designs based on the user stories defined.

Each sprint starts with a planning stage, where we align with stakeholders and ensure we have a deep understanding of the requirements.

After planning, we move into ideation. We explore different solutions based on best practices, research and our own experience, before scoring the ideas against the requirements.

Once a key idea has been taken forward, we refine the idea by seeking feedback from stakeholders, developers and users. The goal is to have a solid foundation for the stages that follow.

With our firm foundations, we move into design; creating something which is based on best practices and is consistent with the rest of the application and brand.

Once our design is ready, we share it once again with users and stakeholders to ensure it meets the brief. If needed, we iterate to resolve any issues.

Finally, we handoff to developers, ensuring they have the assets needed to put the designs into production.


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