Broad sector experience

We work across a variety of sectors and industries, and specialise in taking challenging and complex requirements and turning them into intuitive experiences.

Healthcare Tech

Health Tech is revolutionising the way we interact with healthcare and health practitioners. With ageing populations, there is geographical disparity in access to healthcare and medical personnel shortage. There’s been a lot of hype over the last few years around increasing the level of investment in digital systems for the healthcare space.

We have worked with several healthcare startups as well as large corporations on a range of innovate Health Tech solutions ranging from an Encrypted messaging platform for Healthcare professionals, to a mental health tracking mobile app.

Luxury retail

The rise of new technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality brings new opportunities for interactivity with customers in the retail environment. IoT connectivity plays a key role in delivering increasingly personalised experiences and convenience to customers and expanding the shopping opportunities both within and outside of physical retail stores.

We were commissioned by Harrods of Knightsbridge to design an interactive touch screen mirror experience for their beauty department, allowing customers to virtually trying on various makeup types.


FinTech represents financial technologies that are disrupting traditional financial services such as mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising, and asset management.

FinTech startups are small and agile, but able to disrupt the traditional financial institutions and innovate quickly. We have worked with several FinTech startups including a revolutionary data network for the Investment Industry, and a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects investors with small businesses.

Personal data (GDPR)

Personal data is the new currency of our age – but in practice, the monetisation of personal data has historically been realised by social networks and advertisers rather than by consumers. This is beginning to change, and we are starting to see a shift to individuals realising the benefit of sharing their data online. We have worked with several personal data startups on data-exchange platforms and mobile apps, which help individuals to reclaim the value of their personal data and be rewarded appropriately. Our worked has helped to contribute to one of the startups receiving 1.6million seed investment.

Education & Training

Recent advances in mobile technology and web streaming have provided many opportunities for video-based training, parent-teacher communication, lesson planning, assessments and revision aids. People learn in different ways, by listening, watching and doing but the biggest challenge with online education is with motivation, so a compelling user experience is critical.

We have worked with 3D/VR technology to create memorable, habit-forming experiences to ensure people retain and follow through with their learning. We have also worked on educational apps teaching hygiene in Africa aiming to reduce the number of deaths by preventable diseases.


We design and build user friendly e-commerce solutions for online retailers with the underlying principle that successful e-commerce is about people’s needs first. When working on an e-commerce site we use customer insights, UX design expertise and tried and tested technologies to simplify, enhance and enrich a customer’s shopping experience.

We have worked on large luxury retail e-commerce sites, as well as for independent startups.

Public sector

We have partnered with other UX companies to offer our team members to deliver UX Design and Service Design expertise and consultancy on Public sector contracts.

We have worked on a service design audit for department UK Export Finance where we ensured that that their service aligns with the Government Digital Service (GDS) standards from Discovery through to Beta and have applied the same, user-centred design methodologies to create an outstanding user centred service to the government department.

From our UX Lead

Before any design work is done, it is vital to empathise with your users personality, and understand what they need, what their goals are and pain points they might have.

The closer the end-users’ needs are analyzed and answered, the more successful the adoption of your product will be. You iterate until you get it right from a customer perspective. Remember without your users, you don’t you don’t have a business so its vital to understand and design for them.

Ed Kemp, UX Lead / Co-founder

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