We noticed attendees were significantly engaged and appreciated the added flexibility VR gave them when it came to choosing which talks and presentations to attend. What’s really exciting is how much more VR still has to offer.
Andrew Hawken CEO/Founder, Mesmerise

Mesmerise specialises in crafting personalised virtual reality (VR) experiences for businesses, with a particular focus on “gatherings.” These gatherings encompass a wide range of events, from conferences and multi-day engagements to brief company meetings held within the VR realm. Instead of merely participating in traditional Zoom or Teams calls, attendees are equipped with headsets that enable them to embody avatars and engage with others in a virtual environment. Even before the onset of COVID-19, Mesmerise had already garnered significant interest. However, the pandemic has accelerated the urgency for organisations to seek innovative ways of engaging and connecting with their remote workforce and stakeholders. Mesmerise has risen to meet this demand, providing new avenues for fostering interaction and communication in the era of remote work.

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