Full Clarity provided a best-in-class customer experience for an Augmented Reality makeup mirror delighting in-store customers from a variety of cultural backgrounds. They conducted user research, interviews and onsite store visits with meticulous attention to detail during the process. Their high-quality end designs reflected the team’s willingness to provide a really top-notch service to Harrods.
Carli Glines Product Owner, Harrods

The demand for beauty products has reached unprecedented levels. In the past decade, Annalise Fard, Harrods beauty director, has dedicated her efforts to curating bespoke elements that guarantee an unforgettable experience for each customer. While embossing and engraving on iconic beauty products will undoubtedly be popular, the real attraction lies in the Magic mirrors. These mirrors, empowered by AI technology, enable virtual makeup application. “You can try out 10 different looks in just 2 minutes,” explains Fard, “and then easily share them with your own audience, creating captivating content within seconds.”

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