Virtual 3D training environments

We worked on a great 3D/VR project with PSR for an online virtual training environment which enables companies to train their employees on how to use complex machines in an oil refinery without them having to be physically there.

The project consisted of a mixture of interactive 3D-models that enabled the user to move around a large 3D space in an oil refinery using a VR headset. The virtual environment contained hotspots where there is training content for the employees consisting of interactive diagrams and videos, and locations where the user can stand to view and understand how to operate the machinery.

Taking the capabilities of 3d/VR technology, we built a rich interactive online training experience
Jon Hewines Creative Technology Lead, Full Clarity
End-to-end experience

We were commissioned to work on end-to-end interactive online 3D/VR training experience, which included a discovery and research into the possibilities of what we could deliver for the end client, and then moving into the experience design and UI.

We then built the frontend using three.js and the Svelte JavaScript framework, with a straightforward JSON configuration. We also worked closely with the 3D modeling team to provide exact specifications for the rendering requirements.

Needing help with a 3D/VR experience?

We love a technical challenge, so please do get in touch to see how we can help you with your virtual 3D experience.

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