Ross joined Full Clarity in October 2020 shortly after leaving his role as a Technology & Innovation Consultant with Accenture. Having spent much of his time working with FTSE100 companies focused on innovation and emerging technologies, Ross brings with him a wealth of experience in delivering digital solutions and transformation at scale.

His most recent experience has been centred on building blockchain solutions, managing, facilitating and leading the delivery lifecycle from inception to MVP through to Piloted products and live implementations. 

Background & industry experience

Ross naturally leans towards people and operations, and drives real change in teams and organisations with a focus on the people. He sees the way we interact with the systems we create as paramount to our well-being, team cohesion and success.

With a deep understanding of programme delivery and the product life cycle, in particular Agile and Scrum best practices, Ross’s speciality lies in streamlining processes, systems and removing blockers which can stop innovation and lasting change from being a success.

Passionate about lean experimentation and human centred design, Ross has worked extensively across the three workstreams; desirability, viability and feasibility. Whether its discovering more about end users and translating these into personas and workflows, or diving deep into markets, business models, and commercial opportunities, he strongly believes in the power of processes and methodologies for the best results. 

Ross is also experienced in organisational design.  He cares deeply about both delivery and the end product, as well as the well-being and enjoyment of those that work on it and brings his high energy and unwavering optimism to those he works with.

Significant career moments

Ross has had a diverse range of experience and opportunities in his career. Here’s a few of his highlights.

Energy Major
Digital transformation project centred on blockchain and distributed ledger technology combined with IoT in the upstream procure-to-pay and supply chain
20 20
Telecoms Major
Co-creation of an innovation programme / innovation factory using human centred design, lean experimentation and agile fundamentals
20 19
Innovation Studio Lead
Leading consultancy UK Innovation Studio demonstrating emerging technologies and facilitating c-suite design thinking workshops
20 19
Banking Major
Co-leading change and cutover piece for the large trading platform data migration piece for UK banking major
20 18

Core values and principles

Deliver with discipline

Too often projects both large and small are tainted by challenges that are easy to avoid but hard to manage when they arise. 

Through taking the best from range of methodologies and creating a strong foundation to build on, projects can remain on time, fit for purpose and enjoyable for all parties involved. When working with clients we co-create these project fundamentals to suit the ways of working of all involved.

Build smart with a system thinking

Building a product or company is an exercise in institution building; thus, it involves management and systems. We work with our clients to create these systems.

Ideas that will survive the test of time are grounded in truth, whether this is the desire of the end users, the market opportunity or the capabilities of the technologies used. Building smart means building with a system mindset.

Trusted Co-delivery & inclusion

A product or idea is never one persons. It is the culmination of a network of thoughts and experiences.

The best products are built by thinking together; experimenting and executing a one team. They necessitate an environment of shared success, inclusion, accountability, trust, and individual freedom to be themselves.

Create with an infinite mindset

Creativity and our imagination is the most unique and fortunate aspect of being human. Yet often we get stuck doing it so wrong.

Creativity is grounded in change, and change is grounded in a belief that things can get better. Change should be sustainable, lasting, robust; it should be infinite. Creating with an infinite mindset means using the creative assets everyone has, to think-up products that can outlast those that built them.

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