Robust scalable development

For our software development processes, we place a strong emphasis on secure, robust code while also striving to delight the user and bring pixel-perfect designs to life.


Web apps (React, Vue)

We build Single Page Applications using JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue.js and Svelte, as they allow for rich online experiences without requiring page reloads, and can be used with any data source. They can also be used with any data source, whether a backend API written in Node or Laravel, a headless WordPress installation, or a Firebase database.

Vue and React are supported by a huge community of developers and benefit from a wealth of plugins and libraries which can speed up development.

Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web App (PWA) can be a great way to bring native mobile functionality to your web app, without the friction of requiring an App Store download, or the cost of developing a separate native app.

They run in a browser but prompt mobile users to save the page to their home screen so it feels more like a native app. Some platforms also support other native features such as notifications, and offer offline functionality.

Mobile apps (React Native)

React Native allows developers to build native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows from a single code base, reducing development and maintenance costs.

React Native enables us to create bespoke UI, meaning we can create a pixel-perfect mobile app using JavaScript, while also providing native features such as location tracking or access to the device camera. Many high profile apps have been built using React Native, including AirBnB and Instagram.

Backend API (Node.js, AWS)

We typically use Node.js or Laravel supported by PostgreSQL or MongoDB databases to build our bespoke web applications and APIs. Node is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime enabling fast scalable applications, whether using Node frameworks or a Serverless/Lambda approach. It is lightweight and efficient and is ideal for data-intensive, real-time applications where we can write client and server-side code in JavaScript.

We host with AWS, ensuring our apps are scalable and reliable, and use third-party services such as Algolia, Auth0 and Google Firebase to speed up development.

API integrations

Modern applications almost always need to speak to other systems, whether that is logging user activity in a CRM such as Hubspot, adding users to mailing lists in Mailchimp, or working with a payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe.

We actively encourage our clients to leverage third party systems to enhance the functionality of their applications rather than building such functionality from scratch and have many years experience integrating with external APIs.

CMS (WordPress)

WordPress is a mature and flexible Content Management System powering around a third of the entire internet.

Its main strength is its powerful plugin architecture which has allowed a global community of developers to extend its functionality in countless ways. It provides an excellent way for administrators to manage content, while also providing flexible ways to present content – either using WordPress themes, or as a headless CMS.

Testing and QA

We offer Automated testing which involves writing code that is run each time any changes are deployed – alerting us if any existing functionality is broken by the new changes. This is a best practice which significantly reduces the chances of bugs making their way into production.

We also conduct manual testing to ensure our apps work well on all targeted devices, using real devices and simulators which give us remote access to hundreds of devices and browsers.

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I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, it’s really helped in driving up the recognition of a considered, user-centred-design led approach and the results speak for themselves – very much appreciated.

Mark Arnold, Head of Design

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