Architecting the foundations

The process of planning, mapping and architecting UX and technical solutions to overcome the areas identified from the discovery and research.

Digital transformation

Many businesses are undergoing digital transformation to stay competitive or increase internal productivity. We partner with businesses to help consult, advise and implement digital technologies to streamline, improve and optimise workflows and processes.

A digital transformation can be implemented slowly and over a longer period of time to ensure your business will not be disrupted but will see long term rewards.

User flows

This exercise defines the intended flow of a user through the steps needed to achieve a particular goal. Each step typically includes a mini wireframe showing the type of screen the user will see, with arrows to connect to other related steps in the flow.

User Flows are a really useful exercise to conduct as they help the stakeholders and developers to understand how the app experience will fit together.

Journey mapping

This is an exercise we conduct off the back of other research to help plot the user experience across the various touchpoints and interactions along their journey.

Journey mapping typically includes plotting a series of user interactions into a timeline focused around key touch points enabling us to understand the users thoughts and emotions, pain points and questions at each step of their journey.

Membership engagement

For membership platforms with ongoing subscriptions, it’s critical to ensure users are engaged and getting value from your services. We work with clients to create systems that are designed to reduce churn by scoring users on engagement and creating intervention strategies.

Often one of the most powerful ways to increase engagement is to focus on the onboarding experience, ensuring users get to the ‘Aha!’ moment and realise the value your business offers.

Service mapping

This exercise allows us to break down the end-to-end process of a service or workflow, and visually plot those granular steps onto a map to help understand how each of the different parts interact and fit together.

We often have to spend time with key stakeholders on the project to understand the different steps and actions being taken at each stage of the process, and then we plot the outputs on the service map.

Technical architecture

The architecture choice can be a critical business decision influencing key project variables such as time and cost, and dramatically affecting scalability and performance.

Most importantly, the right technical architecture can increase your ability to pivot quickly as your business demands. For example, by implementing a decoupled backend, you could gain the ability to add a mobile application without needing to change your API.

Technical strategy

The right technical strategy depends entirely on your business goals – from creating a proof of concept, expanding the functionality of your application or looking to grow your user base.

We try to help you balance what would make sense now, with how that will support your longer term goals. We consider factors such as cost, ongoing maintenance, flexibility, security and scalability when advising on technical strategy.

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I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, it’s really helped in driving up the recognition of a considered, user-centred-design led approach and the results speak for themselves – very much appreciated.

Mark Arnold, Head of Design

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