Thinking long term

Allocating a sensible amount of time upfront for planning your product properly, will save a lot of money and stress in the long run.

Care to an exceptional level

To stand out in a crowded marketplace, you have to care to an exceptional level. There are no shortcuts to quality.

Ensuring there is enough time built in for research, understanding the landscape, gathering user feedback and developing a technical roadmap, is critical for the success of a product.

Minimum viable product

Whilst the highest quality work is something we always strive for, we try and hold that tension alongside the ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) methodology.

When working with our clients, we try and guide them with regards to grouping together similar and related functions to help plan the right functional releases in the right order for the specific use cases.

User Centred methodology

It goes without saying that everyone wants a product that users actually love using. Listening to real people, hearing the struggles they have and the problems they need to overcome is vital to the success of a product.

Diving deeper to understand who your users are, their needs and goals, we can then use our expertise and knowledge to innovate and design solutions to solve these problems and deliver a best in class experience.

Creating strong foundations

It’s really important to take a step back and spend a little time upfront planning the user journeys, structure, database design etc as this all forms the very foundations of the product.

Through a series of exercises, we start by identifying the core functionality and moments that matter in the user journey. This enables us to design the right flow through the product. These foundational elements are critical to identify early on in your product design phase, as they form the basis of everything else which comes later.

Moments of Delight

If giving users what they need when they need it is your core requirement, then providing your users with moments of delight is key to them having a great experience using your product.

Delight can come in the form of a useful suggestion/tip, humour or a beautifully designed interaction. Designing for those moments will help your users to feel emotion towards your app and will help to create traction and stickiness towards repeat usage.

Agile and flexible

We work with clients to define a high level roadmap which then defines a series of short sprints of work, each delivering value.

We understand that projects need to pivot as requirements change. We work with our clients to set up processes which allow us to make changes without extensive work required to re-scope projects.

Curated clients

We take on a limited number of projects and clients at any one time, and this enables us to give each client and project exactly what it needs – focus and time.

We’re not about churning out high volumes of work, we take pride in what we do and always strive for the highest quality, working within the perimeters of the user, business, and technical requirements identified.

Create. Partner. Collaborate

Ideas are far from linear. Sometimes we reach a solution quickly, on other occasions it takes time. As a team of experienced UX designers and developers, we can spearhead, support or polish your project or product at any stage it needs it. We have a small core team of senior and mid level experience and we also bring in experienced contractors from our network when needed.

Our typical clients are startups, but we also partner with a few London agencies needing specialist UX and technical product design expertise.

From our UX Lead

Before any design work is done, it is vital to empathise with your users personality, and understand what they need, what their goals are and pain points they might have.

The closer the end-users’ needs are analyzed and answered, the more successful the adoption of your product will be. You iterate until you get it right from a customer perspective. Remember without your users, you don’t you don’t have a business so its vital to understand and design for them.

Ed Kemp, UX Lead / Co-founder

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