Scalable design systems

From low fidelity wireframes to production level UI, we take an atomic approach ensuring components are structured as part of a consistent product design system library for scalable development.



An essential part of designing a digital product in providing an overview of the structure, content, and information hierarchy. We typically do some rapid sketching and then work up high fidelity but grayscale wireframes.

Getting the foundations of a product right is essential, and making changes to wireframes is considerably easier than making the same changes further down the road at UI design stage or during development.

UX/UI design

User experience design is deeply integrated into our DNA and a core specialism having designed many bespoke web applications, SaaS products, and enterprise systems.

A best in class User Experience is essential in gaining traction and competitive advantage. We’re experienced in getting digital products to market and create component based design systems mirroring how the development will work to assist with long term scalability.

Product design

Here we focus on platforms, web applications, and digital products to improve and optimise features, while leveraging reusable, scalable design systems to increase capabilities and efficiency.

Product design evolves, iterates and improves a product with each subsequent release, breaking the work up into smaller sprints to fit in with Agile development.

Rapid prototyping

This is the process of rapidly designing a clickable/pressable interactive non-coded prototype in order to test the viability of a product.

We use rapid prototypes to test key user journeys with users to gather feedback before we refine to a higher fidelity. It is a great way of understanding what is working, and where modifications need to be made to refine our designs.

Product branding

We offer a product branding service so if you require help with developing your visual identity specifically for your product such as your logo, design system, colours, icons, typography etc. we are able to assist you with that.

You may already have a visual identity in place and need us to evolve it to suit the requirements of the product or if you prefer we can create new graphics and visuals, including illustrations to suit.

User testing

We believe in a user centred design approach and that means involving people in testing your product

User testing can be conducted offline via workshops, as well as online and typically can include A/B and multivariate testing, eye tracking, heat maps, user interviews, questionnaires, and observational task based workshops. After our user tests we distill the results and run refinement sprints to iterate on the findings.

Motion design

As the world of interaction design is rapidly evolving, motion design is becoming increasingly popular and necessary across our interfaces.

Motion design plays a huge role in providing clear narratives across interface design by demonstrating the relationship between each element. Motion design can also go a long way in making a simple design exciting and creating moments of magic.

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I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, it’s really helped in driving up the recognition of a considered, user-centred-design led approach and the results speak for themselves – very much appreciated.

Mark Arnold, Head of Design

Studio 4
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