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About the Technologies

Two of the leading web tools in the world of technology today are Node JS and Laravel and we utilise them often to develop exceptional digital products. Being highly versatile and open source, both frameworks can be easily moulded to align with project requirements and are backed by hundreds of other developers worldwide.

Under the Hood

Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform framework primarily used for developing server-side digital platforms; Laravel is an open-source, PHP software that develops web platforms with the model-view-controller design and its renown Service Container implementation. While Node JS is built with JavaScript, comprising a variety of its useful features; Laravel incorporates various modules from a mixture of existing web frameworks, enabling it to produce a final product that is an amalgamation of all the best features of different frameworks.   

Exceptional Features

Node JS

  • Cross-platform: compatible with multiple operating systems (platforms), like Windows, Android, iOS
  • Asynchronous: Application Programming Interface follows a non-blocking I/O (input-output) model
  • Single-threaded: utilises a program that processes and executes one command at a time


  • Template Engine: a variety of built-in effective templates that create innovative layouts
  • MVC Framework: divides a digital platform into 3 components for specified development
  • Strong Security: secure password plans, Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm, strategic SQL statements

Some questions you might have

Why should I use Node JS (JS) and Laravel (PHP) over a Python based framework like Django or a Java based framework like Spring?

Being the top web frameworks, Node JS and Laravel come with a wide range of features that allow for a smooth and rapid development process. They can be customised to align with your needs and malleable enough to realise the vision you have in mind. Unlike other frameworks, they are lightweight, quick and have many experienced developers alongside a long history behind them. This makes them extremely reliable and easy to scale.

Are Node JS and Laravel suitable for implementing an API?

Both these web frameworks offer a speedy development process by contributing multiple features each that enable seamless development.

JS vs PHP – which one is better?

While JavaScript accommodates the client-side in web development, Hypertext Processor caters more to the server-side. When combined together, both scripting languages can produce remarkable digital platforms.

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