Business Analysis

Business analysis is a research discipline of identifying the business goals and needs whilst considering opportunities and areas needing change. For us this is typically carried out in a stakeholder workshop.

The benefits of Business Analysis

Understanding your project from a business perspective will show stakeholders that the project is driven and well-advised, thus placing confidence on its success. Setting initial business goals creates a focused approach to the design for all participants involved in the project.  Business analysis is used to understand the project on many different levels, therefore retaining a focused objective for every design decision.

Stakeholder workshops

There are several stages in the design process where business analysis and UX overlaps, usually regarding the marketing side of product development and thus the intended market users. Combining the knowledge of BA and UX ensures that the product is focused on prioritising user experience, as well as successfully fulfilling the business goals. Usually this information is drawn out using Stakeholder Workshops. They are hugely beneficial for ensuring there is a mutual understanding of the key user needs before progressing with the project.  It is common in these workshops to see a change in perception, allowing the team to continue the project work together harmoniously. A stakeholder workshop can include some of the following exercises to identify;

  • Business goals / objectives
  • Business challenges (severity / frequency)
  • Business values (primary / secondary)
  • Business focus (more / less)
  • Business canvas (strengths / weaknesses / opportunities)

In addition to looking at the business, there are also other relating analysis which can complement and support the business analysis such as;

  • Project goals / objectives
  • Stakeholder goals
  • Competitor research

“Combining the knowledge of BA and UX ensures that the product is focused on prioritising user experience, as well as successfully fulfilling the business goals”

Some questions you might have

How long does a typical stakeholder workshop last?

These workshops can last anything from a couple of hours to a few days. At Full Clarity, we have experience in planning and running stakeholder workshops with a series of relevant and collaborative exercises, which can be tailored to your project needs and timescale. Once we understand what you are trying to achieve, we can suggest the most appropriate workshop exercises and format.

What can I expect to achieve from a stakeholder workshop?

Stakeholder workshops consist of rapid interactive exercises where various stakeholders from different departments, with different objectives can come together. We participate and facilitate the workshops to guide and tease out the right questions and exercises for your project and new ideas and insights are often generated.

I have an idea; I just do not know if it will succeed in the market?

This is common and can be easily overcome by conducting research into the specific market landscape. This information can be processed and broken down into goals and objectives, ensuring your product or system is tailored to a specified market in order to succeed.

Can you help bring stakeholders onboard for us?

We have the expertise to help your project succeed by identifying the right types of stakeholders and we will work with you to help guide you in who are the most relevant stakeholders to give the project the best chance of success.

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