Key responsibilities

  • Help Full Clarity to establish better processes and tools to manage our projects in an Agile manner as well as actively suggesting ways Full Clarity can improve or move forwards as a business
  • Lead our Agile ceremonies as a SCRUM master
  • Tease detailed requirements out of stakeholders
  • Create software product specifications and user stories for software functionality, which effectively translate client requirements into an actionable format for designers and developers
  • Effectively manage expectations within the company and to clients through planning, prioritisation, retrospectives and clear communication
  • Work within project constraints such as budget, timeframes and technology
  • Communicate and work well with others both internally at Full Clarity and externally with our clients, suppliers and contractors
  • Contribute to marketing efforts talking positively about the company with contacts in your network and helping write blogs articles for the website

Skills, qualities and competencies

  • A desire to balance and champion the needs of our clients and their users
  • Experience working on complex, data-driven software applications
  • Confident in articulating your ideas, and great at communicating with both clients and other team members
  • Able to provide guidance and leadership to the design and development teams, keeping morale high
  • A problem solver i.e someone who can think for themselves and come up with solutions, suggestions and ideas to solve problems and challenges that arise
  • Self motivated, proactive and take initiative
  • Professional, reliable and trustworthy to hit deliverable deadlines

About us

Full Clarity are a team of UX designers and developers specialising in user-centred web platforms, mobile apps and interactive experiences.

Our approach

We have a strong UX focus, and through workshops, user research, concept development and user experience design we help our clients transform business requirements and user needs into products and services that delight the users in their everyday use. Read more.

Our values

More than anything, our team members are problem solvers at heart. In particular, we work really hard to make things as easy and frictionless as possible for users. We believe in clear communication and building strong relationships with our team and clients. Read more.