Key responsibilities

  • Building frontend web applications using Vue 2 and Vuex
  • Working with REST APIs
  • Accurately recreating UI from designs with a high degree of attention to detail
  • Transitions and interface animations
  • Communicating clearly and professionally with the client and other team members throughout the project lifecycle
  • Working within project deadlines and highlighting early if deadlines are not realistic

Skills, qualities and competencies

  • ES6+ JavaScript
  • Vue.js, with Vuex for state management. Experience with other SPA frameworks (React or Svelte) is also desirable but not required
  • SCSS
  • Git
  • Any experience with ASP.NET, Node.js, AWS Lambda, WordPress or Laravel is a bonus
  • Ability to spot potential edge cases ahead of time
  • Confident in articulating your ideas, and great at communicating with both clients and other team members
  • You will be able to lead the front end development of the project, working with the Technical Director, backend developer and client where required
  • A strong portfolio that shows SPA development working with REST APIs
  • A problem solver i.e someone who can think for themselves and come up with solutions, suggestions and ideas to solve problems and challenges that arise
  • Self motivated, proactive and take initiative
  • Professional, reliable and trustworthy to hit deliverable deadlines

About us

Full Clarity are a team of UX designers and developers specialising in user-centred web platforms, mobile apps and interactive experiences.

Our approach

We have a strong UX focus, and through workshops, user research, concept development and user experience design we help our clients transform business requirements and user needs into products and services that delight the users in their everyday use. Read more.

Our values

More than anything, our team members are problem solvers at heart. In particular, we work really hard to make things as easy and frictionless as possible for users. We believe in clear communication and building strong relationships with our team and clients. Read more.