Human centred design

Here are some of the UX services we offer to help with understanding, empathising and then ultimately designing for people.

User Research

This is the practise of helping to define who the users are and the environment they operate in, by examining their behaviour, demographics, activity, and needs. It will typically begin by defining the research goals, and then use a variety of tools and techniques to assist in the gathering of information such as contextual observation, user interviews, user surveys, persona mapping, empathy mapping, and persona creation.

Business Analysis (BA)

We conduct business analysis typically in the form of stakeholder workshops which bring the right people with the right knowledge and expertise to generate new ideas and insights.

We have plenty of experience in the planning and facilitation of stakeholder workshops where we put together a series of relevant and collaborative exercises that tease out the right information from the subject matter experts in the business.

Customer journey mapping

This is an exercise we run either with stakeholders in a live workshop, or one which we conduct off the back of User Research and Business Analysis that helps to visualise the customer’s experience across the touch points on their journey.

Having defined your users using techniques such as Empathy Mapping and Persona Creation, the next step is to dive deeper to identify their pain points, moments that matters, and any opportunities to make a difference to their user journey.

User flows

This exercise defines the intended flow of a user through various steps in a web/mobile app, or interactive experience. Each step of a User Flow typically includes the name of the screen, a mini-wireframe showing the type of screen the user will see, a description of what will be on each screen, and any associated imagery attached. User Flows are a really useful exercise to conduct before progressing with any high fidelity wireframes, as they help the stakeholders as well as the developers on the project to understand how the app experience will fit together.


Wireframes are an essential component to designing any digital product as they provide an overview of the structure, content, and information hierarchy of the application. We typically work up high fidelity but greyscale wireframes that show the structural (rather than visual) design of the app.

Getting the foundations of a product right is essential, and making changes to wireframes is considerably quicker and easier compared to making the same changes at either visual UI design or at development.

UX/UI Design

User experience design is deeply integrated into our DNA with our co-founder’s backgrounds in User Experience, Learning design, and Psychology. UX design is really our core specialism having designed many mobile apps, bespoke web applications, SaaS products, and enterprise systems over the past decade.

With so much choice out in the market, a best in class User Experience is essential in gaining traction and competitive advantage with your product. We understand how to help clients bootstrap startup products, and are equally familiar with creating modular design systems  / UI kits that enable the development team to work efficiently.

User testing

Evaluating the usability of your product in terms of how users interact, and behave helps to discover design, technical or usability issues.

We believe in a user centred design approach and that means involving people in testing your product. Being clear on the people participating before hand is critical in achieving meaningful results. User testing can be conducted offline via workshops, as well as online. Common user testing tools include A/B and multi variant testing, eye tracking, heat maps, interviews, questionnaires, and observational task based workshops. After our user tests we run refinement sprints to iterate on the findings.

From our UX Lead

Before any design work is done, it is vital to understand and empathise with who your users are, understand what they need, what their goals are and the pain points they might have.

The closer the end-users’ needs are analysed and answered, the more successful the adoption of your product will be. Remember without your users, you don’t you don’t have a business so its vital to understand and design for their needs.

Ed Kemp, UX Lead / Co-founder

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