Product design & development

We work on a range of user-centred product design and development projects, covering the full end-to-end process from idea to taking a viable product to market.

Web applications

We’ve got a lot of experience in developing bespoke web applications to suit your specific requirements. A cleverly designed custom web app can help give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We work closely with you to determine exactly what you require and then build an easy-to-use, secure, thoroughly tested and scalable application that will ensure you can fulfill both your short term and long term business goals. We have worked on many bespoke and custom web applications and have a multitude of examples you can see on our projects page.

Native mobile apps

Being a user centred company, it is extremely important to us to make sure that when the mobile UX/UI designs are put into development, the developers faithfully translate the lovingly crafted designs.

One of our strengths as a company is our attention to detail. We build our mobile apps in React Native, which is used by apps such AirBnB and Instagram who equally care about the end user experience to an extraordinary level. We take great care to implement relevant transitions and interactions to ensure an exceptional user experience on mobile.

Bespoke admin systems

Many businesses require custom admin systems which enable them to manage users, projects or other custom data. All too often, admin panels provide frustrating or counter-intuitive workflows, requiring time to train users and making their job more difficult. On the other hand, a well designed admin system can save countless hours by reducing complexity and automating processes.

Interactive 3D/VR/AR

With many new emerging technologies, the interactive experience space has grown exponentially, in the pursuit of tomorrow’s digital solutions. We create experiences that consider every element that a user might touch, view, click, swipe, tap, or type from designing complex interchangeable multi layered 3D models, or working on interactive AR and VR experiences. Each interaction designed needs to be meaningful to the users needs, the environment they find themselves and the touch points they are interacting with.

We have commercial client experience working on both Augmented Realty touchscreen experiences, as well as 3D / VR headset experience design.

Software as a Service

Subscription economics are attractive as they have a low barrier to entry, provide more predictable cashflow and help startups seeking funding. Most of the applications we use on the internet use the SaaS model including Spotify, Gmail and Dropbox.

The challenges are that it is a competitive space and users trial a lot of options, so designing a good on-boarding experience is critical. Lots of SaaS platforms and apps use a ‘Freemium’ model to enable users to try the experience with the hope of getting them to subscribe so UX is essential to ensuring a SaaS platform achieves traction in the market, reduces churn, and maximises lifetime value.

Data Repository Platforms

When multiple users need to interact with complex data sets, you need a robust platform which will provide authorised access, simplify data entry and create an audit trail. We specialise in making this process as simple and appealing for the user as possible, allowing them to quickly access and update data.

Membership platforms

Membership platforms can include social features such as news feeds, groups, chat and messaging, events and training content.

Often these types of platforms have many tools related to their specific community, and developing these bespoke tools is an essential part of keeping your members happy by providing a great user experience. Providing value to your users increases engagement and ensures they don’t leave your community. Most membership platforms operate on a SaaS model with a tiered monthly subscription. We’ve worked on several membership platforms for business and personal communities.

From our Tech Lead

Choosing the right technology for your project is a critical business decision, since it can dramatically impact development time, cost and future flexibility. For example, choosing a decoupled backend for your web app can make it easier to add a mobile app at a later date, or allow you to change your frontend without needing to touch your backend.

One of the great things about modern development is building on the shoulders of giants. Where possible, we always try to build on third party solutions which significantly speed up integration of ‘solved problems’ such as authentication or content management.

Jon Hewines, Tech Lead / Co-founder

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