Understanding the landscape

To truly understand what our clients and their users seek to achieve and why, it’s critical to take the time to fully understand and assess the lie of the land.

Discovery workshops

These engaging and collaborative sessions carried out at the start of our process consist of various best practice exercises that tease out foundational information on the business from the key stakeholders.

These guided and facilitated exercises we focus on getting to know your team members and gaining a thorough understanding of your business, before we start to suggest any design or technical recommendations, or plan any deliverables.


Business Analysis (BA)

We can facilitate this process to help you identify the core needs, challenges and difficulties your business is facing.

We have plenty of experience in the planning and facilitation of business analysis, and by bringing together the right people with the right knowledge and expertise, we are then able to generate new ideas and insights that will enable us to address the challenges and deliver value.

UX workshops

This collaborative workshop is based on a set of best practice UX exercises focused purely around gaining a thorough understanding of your different users.

From assessing who your users are, emphasising with them, mapping their journeys, and gaining insight into their individual user needs, pain points and goals, this understanding is a crucial starting point before launching into further primary user research.

User Research

This is the practice of helping to define your users and the environment they operate in, by examining their behaviour, demographics, activity, and needs.

It will typically begin with us defining the research goals together, and we then use a variety of tools and techniques to assist in the gathering of information such as contextual observation, user interviews, user surveys, persona mapping, empathy mapping, and persona creation.

Technical audit

We often inherit projects from other developers, and it is not unusual for applications which have been in service for some time to have accumulated some technical debt.

When conducting a technical audit, we consider issues such as security, scalability and ongoing maintenance. Our aim is to help you make an informed decision about next steps, whether that’s a fresh start or simply a refresh. The most important thing is to ensure you are building on a solid foundation.

UX audit

We carry out user experience audits on an existing product or service to highlight key usability issues. Our UX audit has been curated over time to include best practice industry guidelines from credible industry-leading sources.

The output of this exercise is a report highlighting key areas in need of attention and can provide clarity around the features that should be prioritised against the planned schedule.

Data analytics

By analysing customer data recorded by platforms such as Google Analytics, Hubspot or Mixpanel, we can see where users get stuck, what features are most useful to them, and even pinpoint any features that aren’t being utilised at all.

We can learn which users are most valuable to your business and take interventions to ensure all users are more engaged. The outcomes from these insights can inform the roadmap for future development by helping you prioritise.

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I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, it’s really helped in driving up the recognition of a considered, user-centred-design led approach and the results speak for themselves – very much appreciated.

Mark Arnold, Head of Design

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